About Us

We provide professional baseball instruction to the youth of North Texas. We have an indoor batting facility, offer team workouts and coaching, and sell baseball equipment and apparel.

Each lesson is 30 minutes long. We work one on one in a controlled setting to focus on the mechanics of the swing, pitch or fielding motion.

Much of the lesson will focus on the mental approach to the specified area. We are committed to making each lesson fun and enjoyable for the kids and preparing them both mentally and mechanically (physically) to get the most out of their ability.

“Approach is everything.”

The Coaches

Pat Burns, Owner & Hitting Coach
Pat played eight seasons of Minor League Baseball. He made the Florida State League All-Star team in 2000 and the Atlantic League All-Star team in 2002. He has been teaching and coaching the game of baseball to the youth of North Texas for the last 7 years. more
Dusty Smirl, Coach - Pitching
Dusty's goal is to get the absolute most out of every pitcher and every one of their pitches. He teaches strength & conditioning, mental toughness, and how to pitch by feel. more
Cory Womack, Coach - Catching & Infield
Cory was a utility player who understands the importance of playing multiple positions. He is a gifted instructor of all phases of the game of baseball, specializing in catching and infield. more

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